sisters enough said…

Shane, is handsome!

One of our Mom’s favorites

I love this piece, it’s simple and someplace I’d like to travel to though I’m not sure where it even is but it reminds me of Europe

my favorite of all Brooke’s art.. every time I look at it I discover something that I hadn’t noticed before. the girl isn’t but it could be a self portrait, though Brookelyn is prettier

not sure if it’s supposed to be us but always think this is Brooke and myself. Though honestly I believe it’s more complicated and both girls are actually Brooke, her two different musical sides the mandolin and guitar player. Someday I’ll ask her if that’s true. There is a piece completed in oil of this that hangs in my Dad’s office. When I get a chance I’ll snap a picture and post it!

Another piece that in symbol could be a self portrait of my sister, though again the girl is not her. I’ll post an actual self portrait of Brooke soon