I’m your average sophomore in college, attending the University I always dreamed of attending. While trying to discover my voice, I realized there was something more important than self.

My younger sister Brookelyn, or Brooke as I call her. She is at that age when my life was complicated beyond belief, thirteen years old. However, that alone did not lead to me starting this dedication of written words to her. In an attempt to understand myself and her better, I began this journey hoping in the least to share my amazing little sister with anyone willing to read these posts. I also hope through sharing my own experiences of life with Brooke, I can discover her voice. A voice no one has ever heard. You see, Brooke was born mute and completely inaudible, forcing her to use music and written words as her primary form of communication.

Hopefully my writing will capture all that is amazing about Brooke and together we can discover her voice!

all artwork found on this site is from Brooke’s sketch book, canvases, or portfolio…

-Brooke’s Sister

If you Twitter and want to get to know Brookie Bear as we often call her check her out Brookelyn on Twitter Just don’t tell her about this blog, I will someday but not until it’s further along. Thanks = )